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Wood-fired ceramics by Merrie Tomkins

Merrie is a graduate of CQU's Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries and also holds TAFE Advanced Diplomas in Fine Art and Ceramics. Over the past two years her work has followed her passion for wood fired ceramics.

Artist Statement:

Wood firing is a long and rewarding process. I believe I am the tool used in creating the piece, adding glazes and then placing it in the kiln. The rest is left to the kiln gods, the outcome entirely out of my hands. The wares produced from the kiln will tell its own story, its fate with the dance of the flame. Each piece will be licked by the flame in its own unique way and is merely the canvas for the ashes to fall upon, therefore giving it an essence.

It is through this process that I would like to exhibit and show my wares so all can see and feel the dance of the flame.

Merrie has an extensive international exhibition history and we are very fortunate to have exhibited her work at the CQU Noosa Art Space.

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