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CQU Arts After Hours end-of-year show

•   Pam Taylor

•   Angelina Ambrosetti

•   Sue Davis

•   Rita Coyne

•   Julie Wilson-Hirst

•   Brenda Smith

•   Gabi Dick

•   Sabine Tedesco

•   Pam Reed

This exhibition showcases another successful year of 'Arts After Hours'. Throughout 2016, a group of creative people met at CQU on the second Monday evening of each month, to make music, art and to write.

On Monday 14th November, these workshops are celebrated at an event where the fabulous guitar orchestra will perform, writers will read short excerpts from their work, and the fruits of the printmaking workshop are there to see.

This event is also the launch of the 'Traces of Memory' book, an anthology of writing and prints. This beautiful book is printed locally on recycled paper, and is a very limited edition.

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